How to Distinguish Genuine or Fake Branded Bags

Branded Bags photo
Photo by nist6ss

Shopping bags has always been a fun thing for women. Especially when shopping for branded handbags, it feels good to be able to buy something worthwhile and looks classy. But there was a little shop bags, both stores and online that sell fake bags.
There were indeed admitted selling bags ‘asphalt’, but no claim was authentic bags, but was counterfeit.
In order for your hard work is not wasted because deceived by the seller bag, look to notice some of the following.
1. Browse bags with your own hands
Now branded bags, not only can you buy in a store official. Many sellers are not authorized to sell at a slightly lower price. There are good, when you want to shop at these stores, directly hold the bag you want. If you look at the item online, find out the location of the seller to be able to see the goods in person. From the texture of her skin, how the shape and color of the metal, as well as where and how the logo is placed.

2. Research and metal device inside the bag
The difference is genuine or fake bags can also be seen from both. Look at the zippers, buckles and hooks in the bag. If the iron parts do not look new, it could be a fake bag. So also with the inside, a lot of fake bags that look authentic on the outside, but on the inside is not the same. Usually, a lot of expensive bags that use their logo patterned material for the interior in the bag.

3. Pay attention to the seam
Each side and folds renowned designer bags stitched with thread definitely neat and strong. Very rarely use glue, let alone look untidy and there are former glue.

4. Do not rush
If you want to buy a branded bag, do not rush to decide. Take the time to examine the state of the bag and chances are if you cheated. The check to the bank to ask if you can make a claim of fraud against an item. If you look at the online store, check back in a week or two later if the website is still there or not. In addition, find out reviews online store in the online forums.

5. Buy in store reliable
Although many stores are usually cheaper, but drop your choice which already has a reputation and a reliable review. Shops that already have good reputations usually have a legal team who inspect every supplier of goods who cooperate with them, to ensure genuine goods sold.

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