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X-ray Management Information System Software.

In the past a patient would have an X-ray picture taken at the beginning of the treatment process. Health facilities would insist on duplication of the x-ray photos taken of a patient. The patient had to keep all the hard copies of the x-ray pictures taken. Technology has brought about the radiology information system software. The system aims to eliminate the manual systems of managing patients diagnosis imagery. Services offered by the application involves.

The system is used to set dates that the patients will visit the x-ray facility center. The software is uploaded with all patients whose diagnosis study requires an x-ray photo. With this data the system will allocate the day and time for each patient. Hence the facility can serve more patients efficiently.

Monitoring the recovery process of the body. The software will record all imagery data from the initial x-ray photo to the final one when the patient is declared to have fully recovered. This is important in that even if there is a change of doctors, the new doctor will have all records of the patient up to that particular time. Hence there are few mistakes and need for patients to repeat initially taken imagery.
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Analyzing of the impact of the treatment more efficiently. The system is developed in such a way that it can automatically screen the patient’s different imagery information and evaluate if there is any change either positive or negative. Also, the system has the capability of matching several patients with related disease imagery information to try and see if the medication on any number of the patients. The systems assist the patient to discover on time medication which may be harmful to them, which would otherwise have worsened their condition.
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In addition the system also supplies financial information to the patient’s health care billing system. The goal is the radiology expenses to also be include together with other medical charges on a single real time platform. Therefore a comprehensive medical costs information is delivered to the medical insurance company of the patient electronically. The insurance companies will receive very accurate data, therefore will pay the health care facility in good time. The system integration also facilitate efficient management of data and ease to make necessary alterations.

From patients to doctors and other involved parties in health care industry will have better services delivery through the imagery and other related data, information system. Wastage of space in health care facilities is eliminated by the new system. Diagnosed persons will not have the burden of having print outs of their x-ray photos and the system will increases chances of getting the most appropriate treatment for their condition leading to lower cost due to fast recovery.

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